From classic favourites such as vanilla and chocolate to more unusual flavours such as green tea and azzurro – you are guaranteed to find your favourite here. We currently have an impressive 14 flavours of ice cream in tins and 24 flavours of ice cream in tubs available for you. Every single creation is a delight.

Our philosophy is simple: only the best ingredients make their way into our ice cream creations. We use fresh fruit, high-quality chocolate and creamy dairy products to ensure that every ice cream you enjoy from Sommerland Eis is of the highest quality.

Fruit ice cream with cream

Strawberry ice cream flavour with the aroma of full-fruity, sweet strawberries, gluten-free

Creamy ice cream

Vanilla ice cream flavour with a fine, buttery vanilla note and ground, extracted vanilla pods, gluten-free

with cocoa

Chocolate-flavoured ice cream with 2.5 per cent aromatic cocoa, gluten-free

with chocolate chips

Stracciatella ice cream with our secret flavour mix that tastes of Fior di Latte and Marsala. Infused with cocoa flavoured fat glaze pieces, gluten-free

Fruity and fresh

Lemon flavoured ice cream using Sicilian lemon juice, lactose-free, gluten-free

with delicious hazelnut

Hazelnut ice cream gets its aromatic, delicate flavour exclusively from the addition of roasted hazelnut paste, gluten-free

with pistachio pieces

Pistachio-flavoured ice cream with the typical marzipan-pistachio flavour, gluten-free

Exotic and fresh

Mango flavoured ice cream with pureed mangoes, lactose-free, gluten-free

with real coconut

Coconut-flavoured ice cream refined with juicy grated coconut, gluten-free

Fruit ice cream with cream

Banana-flavoured ice cream with the full-bodied taste of ripe bananas, gluten-free

with walnut pieces

Walnut-flavoured ice cream with valuable, caramelised walnut pieces and a little maple syrup, gluten-free

Green tea
a classic from Japan

Ice tea flavour with fine matcha tea flavour, gluten-free

Dame Blanche
with chocolate sauce

Fior di latte-flavoured ice cream with delicious homemade chocolate sauce, gluten-free

with chewing gum flavour

Ice chewing gum flavour with tutti-frutti chewing gum flavour and bright blue and pink colouring

Cookie Chunks
with biscuits

Ice cream cookie flavour refined with pieces of shortbread containing cocoa

with finest sultanas

Rum-flavoured ice cream with pickled sultanas of the famous “Australian Sulatanas” variety, gluten-free

with orange juice

Orange-flavoured ice cream with the use of fruity-tart orange juice, lactose-free, gluten-free

Yoghurt with strawberry sauce

Yoghurt-flavoured ice cream with a fruity-sweet strawberry topping, gluten-free

with real coffee

Ice coffee flavour is refined with original Italian coffee, gluten-free

Chocolate mint
Mint with chocolate chips

Mint-flavoured ice cream with a fine mint flavour and crunchy chocolate chips, gluten-free

black sesame
with sesame seeds

Fior di Latte ice cream flavour with typical grey-violet colouring and valuable black sesame seeds, gluten-free

with blackcurrant juice

Black current sorbet with 7% currant juice and the typical berry taste. Lactose-free, gluten-free

with apple juice

Lactose-free sour apple sorbet that refreshes with 8 percent apple juice, gluten-free.

Bio + Vegan

Finest organic bourbon vanilla made with fermented rice instead of milk. Lactose-free, gluten-free

Bio + Vegan

Organic quality ice cream with a hamonious chocolate taste, and a touch vanilla. Made with fermented rice instead of milk. Lactose-free, gluten-free



Sommerland Eis develops ice cream exclusively for the catering, hotel and bulk consumer sectors. Our passion is the production of creamy and high-quality ice cream, resulting in an incomparable flavour. Our products are available in 5 litre tubs, 5 litre tins, 1 litre ice cream bars and 80 ml dessert cups. We bring summer to your catering business.